“Waiting” featuring Tiffany Gouché [14KT #DirtyDesignerRMX]

THURZ here…Like any other person who has goals, there will be obstacles, challenges and disappointments. I’ve had my fair share of all of them. The song “Waiting” was the 2nd to last song I recorded for the “Designer” EP. It touches on the idea of “waiting” for the best moment to act or finally deciding to make a move when you think you’re comfortable and without risk…every successful person will tell you that this way of thinking is the best way to miss opportunities. The original verses take a stand against that mind frame and empowers the go-getter mentality. My girl critiqued me on my effort after the fact and told me I could’ve went harder on the verses.

The opportunity to prove her right came with this ‪#‎DirtyDesignerRemix‬ installation with the homeboy 14KT on the production. He brought Michigan to Inglewood with a lot of soul and I dug deeper to personalize the verses even more to shine harder than ever. Much love to Brian ‘Theory’ Hargrove and Nozomi Yamaguchi the string composition,execution and original production, as well as the ever so talented Tiffany Gouché on the vocals

Enjoy and please share