THURZ “ICONIC” [Official Video]

Greetings folks! If you were in L.A. while we filmed this video, you might see your face in here. Let me know if you do…

“Thurz is back with the premiere of his new video for “Iconic,” the first single from his new album Party In My Living Room. The album takes its title from the event series Thurz has been throwing in Los Angeles — and expanding to include Chicago earlier this month, Atlanta, Miami and other cities coming soon — that literally takes over local homes and puts on concerts that fills them to the bursting point. The Chuck Anakwenze-directed video for ‘Iconic’ features scenes from Thurz’ most recent LA party in Baldwin Hills.

“Iconic” sees Thurz reflecting on what it takes to make it out of the rough neighborhoods of Inglewood, California: Hustle, grit, and a strong understanding of economics. Rather than chase trends, he says, he’d rather build his own legacy from the ground up, knowing that it will last longer that way. As he says on the hook, “F*ck a trend, n—a, we iconic.” The J. LBS production recalls old school west coast funk, right down to the extensive but subtle use of talkbox, and makes sure to put just the right amount of swing on those drums.” UPROXX Premiere